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VOLCANICA: volcanology’s first Diamond Open Access article (texto original em Inglês) - Notícia OVGA 19-03-2018


VOLCANICA celebrates it’s 4 month anniversary and the publication of it’s first article -

VOLCANICA is the first diamond open access journal for volcanology, providing open access to scientific volcanology research for both, authors and readers. It's also free to share! 

We invite you to submit your research regarding all subdisciplines of volcanology, including physical phenomena and their impact on society, health, and the environment. VOLCANICA accepts original research in Research article, Short communication and Report format.

 Follow this link to make a submission:

For more information, check out the Author Guidelines page. Articles may be submitted in Microsoft Word, Open Office, or LaTeX format. VOLCANICA provides templates for Word and Latex on the website.

 VOLCANICA. Free to access. Free to read. Free to contribute. Free to publish. Free to share. Free to discover