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Stromboli volcano (Eolian Islands, Italy): surge of activity produces lava flow into the sea - Notícia OVGA 01-04-2020


Lava flow on Stromboli's Sciara del Fuoco reaching the sea this morning (image: LGS webcam)


During the past night, activity showed a significant increase and produced a lava flow down the Sciara del Fuoco, reaching the sea

It is not exactly clear when the increase occurred, but webcam imagery suggests that the lava flow began to travel downslope around 1-2 am local time. By about 06:30 local time, the lava flow had reached the sea. At around 08:30, residents and friends of ours on the island reported a stronger explosion.

Volcanic tremor shows a large peak which lasted about 3 hours; although the lava flow is still active, tremor has returned to its average values of during the past week.
Activity level defined as combination of various monitoring parameters (frequency and size of explosions, tremor, degassing, deformation etc) has been raised to "high" again, following a period with lower activity during most of Feb and March.

Ash clouds and the lava flow this morning (image: LGS webcam)



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