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Ruapehu volcano (North Island, New Zealand): lake temperature is cooling again

Notícia OVGA 22-010-2020

Crater Lake at Ruapehu volcano (image: @geonet/twitter)


GeoNet reported that during February-April, Crater Lake (Te Wai ā-moe) heated slowly to a peak temperature of 42ºC. Due to a heating-cooling cycle, there is a period of slow change before a cooling trend is clearly shown in the data. That trend is now confirmed with current temperatures close to 35ºC, with further slow cooling expected. Colour temperature is grey with a few surface slicks and no obvious upwelling. At that time the water level had dropped to about 30 cm below overflow but following this weekend’s rain the lake is again overflowing into the upper Whangaehu River.
The volcanic tremor intensity is weak, as it has been during the past month. After a peak of moderate strength in early March, the tremor declined slowly, almost in parallel to the lake’s cooling trend.
The volcano is still a very active volcano with the potential of little or no warning.
Both the Volcanic Alert Level (level 1) and Aviation Code (Green) remain unchanged.

Ruapehu volcano sat by (c) Google Earth View


Source: GeoNet New Zealand volcano activity update 4 May 2020