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Popocatépetl volcano: scoria ejected above crater - Notícia OVGA 08-06-2020

Ash column and incandescent material from Popocatépetl volcano on 4 June (image: CENAPRED)

On 5 June CENAPRED recorded two moderate explosions at 23:00 and 23:02 local time. Plumes of ash rose to an altitude of 24,000 ft (7,300 m). Volcanic ash is dispersed towards the south and southwest and causes ash fall on the volcano's slopes.

Scoria is being ejected above the crater and caused avalanches of material.
Additionally recorded 344 emissions of gas and steam plumes with minor ash content and 453 minutes of tremor.

Source: Centro Nacional de Prevención de Desastres volcano activity update 8 June 2020

FONTE : Volcano Discovery (08-06-2020)


Localização Geográfica do Vulcão Popocatépetl