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Merapi volcano (Indonesia): 4 new explosions since the last update - Notícia OVGA 30-03-2020



PVMBG recorded that 4 new eruptive events occured since the last update.
On 27 March at 21:46 local time an explosion at the volcano generated a dense dark ash plume, which reached approx. 13,000 ft (3,968 m) altitude and drifted W.

On 28 March PVMBG recorded two explosions. First explosion at 05:21 local time generated an ash plume that rose approx. 6,561 ft (2,000 m) above the summit and drifted W. Second explosion at 19:25 local time. Ash plume reached 19,580 ft (5,968 m) altitude.

On 29 March recorded last moderate eruption at 00:15 local time.
There is a 3 km exclusion zone around the main crater in place.


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Localização do vulcão Merapi (Indonésia)