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Advancements in Understanding Seafloor Volcanism and Life: Axial Seamount - A Wired Submarine Volcano Observatory - Notícia OVGA 22-07-2019


We would like to invite your contributions to the following session at theFall 2019 AGU Meeting:
*OS001. Advancements in Understanding Seafloor Volcanism and Life: Axial Seamount  - A Wired Submarine Volcano Observatory*

This session will bring together an interdisciplinary community of Earthand Space scientists focused on Axial Seamount, which hosts the most advanced submarine volcanic observatory on Earth – the NSF-funded OOI Cabled Array. Since 2014, data from a diverse array of instruments have been streaming live to a global audience of users. In 2015, the array of geophysical, biological, and chemical sensors captured an underwater eruption as it was happening for the first time.  Since then activity has been ramping up, suggesting another eruption within the next few years. This session will focus on new results and will look forward, with implications for understanding the dynamics of submarine volcanism, which accounts for >70% of the volcanism on Earth, and its connection to chemosynthetic life. Invited talks will include undergraduates and earlym career scientists and uses of the observatory focused on Biospheres in
Ocean Worlds, a program now funded by NASA.

Please consider submitting an abstract to this session by the July 31deadline.  You can submit an abstract to this session at this link:


Deb Kelley (University of Washington)

Bill Chadwick (Oregon State University and NOAA/PMEL)

session co-conveners

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